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Is an iPhone the only camera you need?

Ten years ago, I remember holding a cell phone and thinking how cool it would be if it also contained a camera.  In fact, I was using a Palm Pilot to organize myself, a CD Player for music, my Nokia, and a 1 Megapixel digital camera.  I usually carted this all around in a backpack.  […]

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Why I Hate Ghengis Grill

So I was suckered into going to lunch today at Ghengis Grill with a couple of my colleagues.  This happens about once every six months, usually after I’ve just exhausted my rotation of Chipotle and Pei Wei.  I thought, Why not? I’m sure it’s better than I remember. It’s not that the food is that […]

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Photographing Moby. Or Maybe Not.

Great article by Chase Jarvis on a near miss he had while being tasked with photographing music-great, Moby.  Any photographer who has used lighting gear can related to gear crapping out on them at the worst moments.  Heck, this happened to me even last night.  You just have to relax, take a deep breath, and […]

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