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1.6 – Composition – Crop this way

I’m going to give you a few other articles for your further reading, because there are so many other elements of photography to discuss than I’m inclined to do in this Intro to Photography.  Bookmark this page and come back to it to read these items from time to time. LINK: LINK: Cropping: […]

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1.5 – Composition – Patterns, Color, and Simplicity!

When you look at a photo, what do  you see?  Most people see plain ol’ pictures.  Trained photographers see lines, patterns, contrast, colors, etc.  Do you remember the computer screen in The Matrix?  It was just a bunch of lines of green code falling down in seemingly random pattens, but to the trained eyes of […]

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1.4 – Composition – The Rule of Thirds

I don’t think any other “rule” or tip can make your photos more interesting instantly than the “Rule of Thirds”. It’s something so standard to professional photographers that they snicker and say, “hmmmph”. But every last one of them’s eyes were opened when they discovered it. Embrace your roots, you old grizzled vets! What is […]

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1.3 – Composition – Depth of Field

Ladies and Gentlemen, we can go really deep into composition theory, but we won’t. This is why we’re calling this course an Intro to Photography. Remember that composition is all that comprises an image, including subject choice, shapes, light, color, and on and on. If you are interested in expanding your horizons quickly on the […]

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1.2 – Composition – Subject

If composition is the most important part of photography, then your subject is the most important part of composition. Again, this is my opinion.  It’s worth ranking it, because I want you to understand the emphasis you should place upon it.  So many people make the mistake of taking pictures of things because they’re pretty.  […]

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