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Behind the scenes – Girl on an adventure w/ Dave Hill

Great video from Dave Hill Photography. Dave is a world class photographer that creates high-end, stylistic photos for print. This is kind of a bare-bones, behind the scenes video highlighting the non glamorous work of being a model and photographer. You can’t believe what the finished product looks like when you’re seeing these images at […]

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THIS is how you composite

If you can imagine it, you can make it happen in Photoshop. If you looked at this photo, you wouldn’t believe the snowboarder was actually not on that mountain, in the original picture. It is the brilliant work of Bill Simone, a master compositer. Compositing is the art of combining multiple images to realize an […]

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How to Turn a Dull Shot Into Something Exciting

I’m a big fan of culling back through my images and experimenting with filters and effects to draw out the interesting from an otherwise dull picture.  I have a lot of images that are composed very well, but for whatever reason (bad lighting, dull colors, distracting object) they are in the trash heap. What the […]

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John Keatley Blog » Blog Archive » Lighting Technique: Three Lights and the Sun

Follow the link for a well-thought out lighting scheme. Mimicking natural light can be quite difficult. The best point in this article is about exposing for the brightest highlights and building the light up from that. Good photography usually doesn’t have blown highlights. Either diffuse the light or expose for it. If you expose for […]

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