About Me

Life. Captured.
This summarizes what and why I do photography.  I am fascinated by many things, most especially people.  I truly love life and am thrilled to have a medium as beautiful and accurate as photography to capture moments of life.  If it is not interesting to me, it will not be on this site.  For every photo you see in my portfolio, there are thousands that don’t make the cut.

Photography is as much art and science, simultaneously, as anything in life.  When I first started out in it about 10 years ago, my technique was bad, but the heart was there.  Conversely, as I’ve gotten better, I’ve taken many pictures that are all technique and no heart.  The magic happens when you are inspired and you take that inspiration and create an image.  The blending of heart and mind, art and science.  On www.kevinhail.com, I hope that you’ll find images that move you and give you a glimpse into how I see the world.


If you are here to learn something from me about photography, my hope is that you’ll realize three things:

1) I have no tips or secrets that I won’t share with you.  Ask away.  Because everything I know, I learned from someone else who was willing to share.

2) Every photographer is different.  We should learn from each other, but realize that your “eye” is different than mine.  Be liberated by the fact that there will never be another Ansel Adams, Annie Leibovitz, Joe McNally, or you.  So we are not competing with each other, but rather sharpening our skills by humbling ourselves and learning from each other.

3) Every one of us will be better a year from now than we are now…if we dedicate ourselves to learning from those who are further down the path.   If you see a style of  photography you like, seek out the best in that technique and learn from them.  Add that technique to your toolbox and try out something else.  Photography rewards those who never grow weary from experimentation.

Hiring Me

I’m blessed to have a wonderful job that keeps me very busy, so I do not make a living in photography, and thus I don’t have a rate sheet or calendar of events published on this site.  If you’d like to hire me to photograph something or someone in your life, send me an email and the worse that can happen is that I’ll politely decline and try to refer you to someone I trust.  However, if I do agree we’ll work out a price and a deliverables package.  I am always looking for new challenges and unique projects, so drop me a line.

Feel free to contact me at kevin@kevinhail.com

Erin Oltmanns - February 15, 2012 - 8:55 pm

Hi Kevin,

I was hoping to share your Instagram Photo Wall post with our readers at TodaysMama.com. May I use your image (with credit, of course) and link to your site?

Thank you for your time!
Erin Oltmanns

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